4 Touching Family Holiday Activities

This Christmas many families are looking for fun and meaningful ways to celebrate Christmas. This is the one of the few times during year where the entire family can get together and enjoy each other’s company. If you are a family that won ‘ t have the money to do the same things that you did last year, there are still some great activities that your family can do together that cost little or nothing. Here are some great suggestions for activities that are inexpensive and will bring your family closer together this holiday season. You will be amazed by how each of these activities can make your season brighter and more memorable than ever before.

Try having a game night with your family. It takes time and focus to play a board game and this is often a resource a family has little of. During the regular year everyone either has school, work, activities, and other commitments that don’t leave enough time for the family to gather together. Take advantage of the time and play a game that your family may not have been able to enjoy in while. If you don’t have some games it doesn’t cost more than $ 20. There are some great games out there like Life, Clue, Sorry, and Monopoly that your family can enjoy. So long as you are having a good time it will be a good investment. With games consoles like the Wii families can even play video games together. So if you have a game like Dance Dance Revolution, gold Wii Sports this something else that your family can enjoy together.

You can have a holiday movie marathon. Get together with your family watch all of your favorite holiday movies. The best part is you don ‘ t have to spend all that much to get them. You can check out movies from the library and include some from your own collections. You can also rent movies from cheap rental services like Netflix and RedBox. To add to the excitement make it a full event like going to the movies including popcorn and other movie snacks. This will be a great way for everyone to have fun and save money at the same time.

Another activity your family can do is art and crafts for the holidays. While you may have some family decorations that you use every year you may be like many families and by new decorations each year. Something that you can do this year that will save you money is to have your family make the decorations this year. Of course there will be some that you will not be able to make, but you can find some that your family can easily do. Try to stick with decorations that are not too expensive to make and can be made by the majority of your family with proper instructions. The results of your efforts will likely surprise you.

Something else your family can do is giving their time to the community through public service. It is important to show your children how fortunate they are by having them help the poor and the homeless. Try to find a local homeless shelter, soup kitchen, or thrift store that your family can help out at. The experience will help your family share in the true spirit of Christmas.

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JISM 2 is one of the most anticipated movies of 2012 starring Sunny Leone, Arunnoday Singh, Randeep Hooda. The film marks the start of Indo-Canadian actress and model, Sunny Leone in Bollywood.

Jism 2 is the sequel to the film Jism which had John Abraham and Bipasha Basu in lead roles.

Sharing with you couple of latest news on Jism 2 movie:

It’s an honour to be in ‘Jism 2’: Sunny Leone

Indian Canadian star Sunny Leone says she is to get a chance to work with the Bhatts, who have given her the lead role in the much-talked about ‘Jism 2,’.

“It will be my debut in the country as an actress and I am really excited. Pooja Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt are the people in the industry who are very respected and well-known. It is an honour after knowing who they are and their company, it is an honour to be asked by both of them to be in this movie,” Sunny said in a video posted by Mahesh Bhatt on YouTube.
Bhatt revealed Thursday that Sunny, a Punjabi born in Canada, is the mystery girl in the first poster of the movie. The rest of The cast, including two male protagonists, is yet to be finalised.
“Sunny Leone is the heroin of Pooja Bhatt’ s JISM 2′.
Sunny became popular in India after her reality show “Bigg Boss 5 wanted to enter into controversial’.

After ‘super-heroine,’ ‘Jism 2’ gets ‘A’ certificate

the Erotic thriller “Jism 2” has been passed with an A certificate by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), says director Pooja Bhatt, who is glad that cuts were only made “upon my discretion”.
“‘A’ certificate received for ‘Jism 2’. August 3 here we come! India just got itself a year erotic thriller that truly reflects the times,” tweeted Pooja.

“Let me also clarify to all my ‘well-wishers’ that ‘Jism 2’ has not been affected in the least by the cuts I made ‘upon my own discretion’,” added the actress-turned-director.

“Jism 2” is a sequel to 2003 film “Jism”. While the original was quite bold in its own way with Bipasha Basu in the lead, the foreign movie will see Indo-Canadian star
Sunny Leone as the leading lady.

Jism 2 director Pooja calls Ekta’s Kyaa Super Kool…’ average?

The actress-turned-director is waiting for the release of her erotic thriller ‘Jism 2’, which is perhaps the boldest film from the Bhatt camp.
“an average film is made from a male perspective and designed for a male audience, but I am going to show pure, unadulterated sensuality, designed by adults and for adults,” said Pooja.

“Toilet humour is not my style and what I wish to do. I leave the double-meaning and toilet humour to other filmmakers to do”,” she added.

Isn ‘ t Pooja taking a adirect panga with producer Ekta Kapoor? For as far as we know, Ekta’s Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum is the only recent film thriving on toilet humour and double meaning diagloue. Now that Pooja has triggered off a war of words of sorts, we are waiting to hear from Ekta Kapoor.

The 40-year-old, Pooja made ago business leader debut in 2004 with John Abraham and Udita Goswami-starrer ‘Paap’, followed by ‘Holiday’, ‘Dhokha’, ‘Kajraa Re’ and now ” Jism 2.

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My leetle feesh catch feesh beeger than he is… Manuel and hees leetle feesh, they beat everybody. We make fisherman out of you, huh lettle feesh?…..Spencer Tracy
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a line from a great movie starring Spencer Tracy .. " Captains Courageous "

just returned from a short but very sweet holiday to Iceland .. will catch up soon as i can

now i gotta get used to this new Flickr layout ???

Your Photo Has Been Chosen For Front Page Feature~
By Nick Kenrick.. on 2010-07-02 15:27:23
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a line from a great movie starring Spencer Tracy .. " Captains Courageous "

just returned from a short but very sweet holiday to Iceland .. will catch up soon as i can

now i gotta get used to this new Flickr layout ???

Your Photo Has Been Chosen For Front Page Feature~

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