8 Ideal Cities to Travel Alone in south east Asia

If You want to Travel alone outside Their Country, the 8 following Cities are the best Places to start an amazing Journey.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

It is like “the rose of the Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is a “must-See” Destination for all, wants to explore the Natural Beauty, the traditional Culture of the ethnic Peoples in the Mountain as an ideal Place for individual Travellers. There are a Lot of interesting Things, which you can join, in Chiang Mai, such as Visit the unique Architecture, the Temple of the Accession of impressive festivals, You can enjoy a delicious and Special local Food products, and so on.

Ayutthaya, Thailand

Far, 80 km north of Bangkok, and spend 1 Hour to transfer, You are going to Travel to The Historic City of Ayutthaya Temple and the old Tower with red Brick, as a general Rule. The City has been a UNESCO world Heritage site in 1991. Today, more than a few remnants of walls could give a Glimpse of the impressive City, many have seen. This is the Reason why all the Tourists are attracted by the mysterious and majestic Beauty of the Country.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Located in the north-West of Cambodia, Siem Reap is the City the most attractive in Cambodia, because the List of the imposing Angkor Temples. The Capital city of the Khmer in the Past, today, Siem Reap is a strong Evolution, but it still brings the mysterious and ancient Beauty of one of the most beautiful Civilization in the Past. Next to the imposing Architecture, varied Cuisine and energized street life style of cool Things to discover, and the main Goal.

Battambang (Cambodia)

Battambang is always too short by the Tourists, because the Place does not have beautiful Beaches and the Capital as well, especially the City does not have the imposing Angkor Temples. However, in the Fact that Battambang is 2. largest City of Cambodia, and it has the perfect balance, exciting, friendly, and a Lot of interesting Things to enjoy.


If You like the quiet Atmosphere and the Hike through the ancient Streets, You have to plan for Penang, Malaysia now.

It is located on the Coastal city of Malacca, Penang is not only incredibly beautiful beach and the “Glamor” of the Island, but also interesting than the traditional Culture. You can walk around the Town of la vieux-Rue in the city of Georgetown, creative, street-art, the Paintings, the Stores, the unique Temple, or special street-food restaurants with the sweetness and the slowness of the Atmosphere in Penang. When Traveling in the City, You will get all the necessary Things for a relaxing tour Adventure.

Luang Prabang, Laos

Visit the ancient City of Laos and Spending a few Days, enjoy the Ancient Beauty of Luang Prabang, are interesting and a great Way to Balance Your Life.

the most attractive tourist Place in Laos with Foreign Tourists. The City is known for the peaceful Beauty with the Stamp of Centre of buddhism.

Cebu, Philippines

This is the 2. the largest City of the Philippines, Cebu, is rarely a City in the Philippines, the Development, thanks to the Combination between modern and Antique, Philippines traditional, and Colon Spain. In addition, if You are Traveling through the City, Tourists to impress, thanks to the diversity of the Beauties of nature, towering Mountains, wild Nature and romantic Beaches . In addition, Tourists can transfer to the City with the Train with a couple of Minutes.

Mandalay, Myanmar

spend 30 Minutes transfer by Plane to Bagan, You come to Mandalay. It is Complex and smog everywhere, but if You leave the Center exciting of the City, and then go in from beautiful architecture to visit, You will understand the Beauty of the Country, very clearly.

The Place was the ancient Capital of the “land of Golden Temples” is, also, if You like the Architecture and the Beauty of Nature, You get a Feeling more than we think. The highest point of the Country is Ubein Bridge, which is a Beauty, as an Image of Amarapura old Village seems to be that the teak Bridge-the longest in the World. The Bridge is also the ideal Place to see the Sunset shining in the World.

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a Few Suggestions of Trips to Vietnam:

In central asia, the Trips are something that you will never forget in his Life, if he or She Experience again.

If someone takes a central Asia Travel, it follows in fact the old Roads of the great Traveller and legendary in the World, the Conqueror of Humanity, Alexander the Great, Marco Polo, Plano Karpini, Ibn Battuta and others. He visited the same Towns, enjoys the Beauty and the Landscape. The Difference between now and then, it is the Quality of the Provision of services on the central asia Tour. In all the Countries of central asia after Independence in 1990-s began to the Improvement of the Infrastructure of the hotel Categories, restaurants, Transport and Leaders. The main Objective was to central asia, more attractive to Tourists. The Result is obvious. Today, central asia, on the List of the top 20 Destinations for Travelers.

Travellers are attracted to the central asia, to Travel, to many Factors. The first Reason is because of the beautiful Architecture and the History of the Great Silk road Cities of Samarkand and Bukhara. The second Reason is the cultural Experience, you can Travel in central asia. The Third Reason is that not many People there yet.

In the modern World, if the Problems of policy and Conflict has erupted in the Civil wars, and very often, in popular tourist and resort Areas, central asia, and remains a very secure and stable Environment for Travel and central Asia, Tours is the best option to get acquainted with this field.

central asia is located in the Heart of the asian Continent, and it is one of the Places on the Earth, which is always awakened the Interest of Adventurers and Travelers. The Climate of central asia is hard and dry, June and July, the hottest Month, which allows central asian Travel in the Spring or in the Fall. It has not always been so. Even in historical Times, the central asia, a warmer Climate and has been partly covered in Forests and vegetation. The tectonic Processes, the insistence on the indian sub-continent to the North, a Growth of GreatMountains of the Himalayas and the hindu kush. The Mountain ranges block of the Central Asia of Currents of moist air from the indian Ocean and the Climate of the central asia is always dryer and dryer, year-to-year.This results in a Reduction of Reforestation and the Growth Areas of Desert Kyzylkum and Karakum.

In theXXth Century, the situation was aggravated by human Activity. The monoculture of Cotton, and the severity of the Irrigation redirected all the Water in Amudarya and syrdarya river from the Lake of Aral, to the collective farm-Fields on the Needs of the Soviet union in Cotton Fibre and he followed one of the largest environmental Disasters of the Twentieth Century. The Aral, the Sea dry land, and a new Desert – the Aral-Kum Desert appeared on the Map.

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