Buying A Home In South France

The South of France is a popular place to buy a home. It’s easy to understand why…it has so much to offer!

A problem for many is deciding where to buy. A really good choice at the moment has to be the Languedoc Region. It oozes charm! In Languedoc a wonderful place to buy in is Agde.

how to discover why Agde is a great place to buy a home in or just to visit…

‘Agde is the 2nd let’. oldest city in France and is situated on the banks of the River Herault, in the Languedoc, in the south of France. This beautiful city was first inhabited by the Greeks, 2600 years ago. 2 miles from the Mediterranean sea, Agde is situated just below the “Mont St. Loup”, an ancient volcano. The basalt rock, quarried from here was used to build most of the buildings in the narrow roads & lanes. It was also used for the dramatic fortress cathedral, “Saint Etienne”, which was built in the 12th. century on the foundations of a 5th. century Roman church.

The old city, is steeped in tradition and culture. It has an abundance of “good value for money” restaurants and cafes, bustling with outdoor weekly markets and events. The city is colorful and alive with atmosphere, especially during the summer months when there’s plenty of wonderful things to see and do, you’ ll be spoiled for choice! People buying homes here love the ancient and rustic character of the place. Many buy property needing total renovation – there are grants available for restoration of the ancient buildings – check with the local city hall.

On the other side of the volcano, sits the area known as Cap d’agde, it’s the largest purpose-built holiday resort in Europe (Built in 1970’s). It consists of holiday apartment blocks, all types of restaurants, shops, clubs, hotels and plenty of attractions for children. Many sun drenched fine sandy beaches grace this scenic spot and it attracts 1000’s upon 1000’s of visitors from all corners of the globe each year. This is an ideal spot to buy a vacation home. Cap d’agde also has Naturist Quarter popular with visitors from all over Europe.

Two miles from the old city, up the River Herault (still in the commune of Agde) you will find Grau d’agde, a small holiday village. With plenty of restaurants, shops, bars, markets and a super clean beach, it’s a calm mini holiday area to relax and let the day drift slowly by. This area is so popular for holiday homes.

Across the river (2 minutes by ferry) lies the tranquil village of La Tamarissiere. This village is unique, it has its very own pine forest along its golden beach. The village has camping, attractions, restaurants, bars, shops and markets. This is an exclusive part of’agde, still relatively undiscovered, perfect for those seeking quality. Property prices are likely to rise steeply here over the coming years.

‘agde, with its 22000 inhabitants, has much to offer. Many wonderful sea, river and canal boat trips depart from’agde. Water sports, horse trekking, bus tours, walks, fine hotels and restaurants emitting mouth watering aroma, catering for every button. It is also an ideal base if you wish to travel and see some of the most fantastic cities, towns and villages in this beautiful region of France. From ‘ Agde Train Station, you can be in Montpellier in 30 minutes, Beziers in 10 minutes. Narbonne, Carcassonne and Perpignan cities, are a little further on and if you wish to visit Paris, it’s only 4 hours by fast train. If you’re traveling by car, you’ll find the roads in super condition and well sign posted. It is also within easy distance of Spain.

Visiting Agde will be to experience and you’ll leave with a lot of background vivid memories. Maybe you ‘ ll return and buy your dream home there!

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