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There is a famous Saying “The World is a Book and those who do not Travel Read only one Page of this Book”. We Live in a restless World, leads a anxiety and a busy Life. In this busy Life, You are dreaming of spending a wonderful Vacation? If yes, then your Dream for the most of relaxation, adventure and unforgettable Journey Experience to come true.

Life is short. To fill Your Life with beautiful Experiences, unforgettable Memories and exciting Adventures. DOOK Travels Pvt Ltd offers an Opportunity to discover the Beauty of India and Abroad.

Have You ever imagine Your perfect summer Vacation at the edge of the most fascinating Country that is Uzbekistan? DOOK Travels Pvt Ltd brings to Uzbekistan-travel Package vacation of Your dreams. Uzbekistan is a central asian Country, which attracts Tourists with its historic, archaeological, architectural and natural Treasures. Uzbekistan is a Life-changing Trip to a destination of choice for all malignant are to visit. If You want to go for a religious tour, or want to-adventure trekking, or You like the architectural Sites and historical, and Uzbekistan-Tour-Package meets all Your Needs for Your Vacation with success.

Love of the Adventure? Then, the Uzbekistan is the best Place to visit. People who want to visit Uzbekistan, following in the Footsteps of two famous Conquerors and Pioneers, who, once passed by this fascinating Country. They are Genghis Khan and Alexander The Great. Uzbekistan-Mountain attracts the most Tourists every Year for Adventure, such as Mountaineering, climbing, trekking, Hiking and much more. Uzbekistan offers the Adventure Lovers from climbing and Skiing in Chimgan Mountains, jeep safari in the yellow Sand of the Desert of the Aral, the Sea, the Beach, Vacations on the Shores of the Lakes and the Fishing in the Mountain rivers of Uzbekistan.

We love nothing more than to discover new and exotic Wildlife. For nature Lovers, there is a whole Diversity of flora and fauna in Uzbekistan. Places such as Chatkal Mountain Forest Reserve, Baday Tugai state reserve, Zerafshan State reserve to Visit, discover the Beauty of Uzbekistan’s fauna and Flora. The Support of the State Museum of the Nature considered to be the oldest and the museum the main Purpose is to show the Natural Beauty of Uzbekistan and to protect Their Environment.

Uzbekistan is not behind the religious Tourism Aspect also. Sufi Tour of Uzbekistan is in every Case, to create the religious impact on the Tourists Mind. Explore Zangiata mausoleum in Tashkent, Bukhara, You will discover the Mausoleum of seven Sufi Saint, including Nakhsbandi Mausoleum and Uzbekistan. You will get a change to visit the Mausoleum of the Founder of the Dervish Order.

apart from this, we also have the american Indians, packages that include, Delhi, Goa, Kerala, North-east India, Orissa, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, the state of Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, packages. International tour Packages contains African desert-tour, Romance tour to Europe, eight terrestrial Eco-Zones in Oceania, central Tower, Asia, and to a panoramic View of the South-east asian tour.

Every Customer is for us something special and try to, a new benchmark for customer service. We put our best Efforts to provide a stay of Dream.

The Author of this Article has in-depth knowledge in the Field of Armenia Tour Packages and Uzbekistan-Package Tour.

Singapore and Malaysia are the most sought-after Holiday Destinations in the South-west of Asia. The stunning Contrast between blue and green, modern Architecture, rich Culture and Heritage, of Beauty, of Attractions, mind-blowing night life, beautiful views and plenty of Shopping, etc. these Places have really a Paradise for all, if one is a traveller, Nature Lover, or honeymoon.

Each Year, a large Number of Tourists from around the World gather around these Places to discover the incomparable Beauty of these magnificent Places that You have done, rightly called ” the Pearl of the South-east Asia.

These Places have a Wide Range of Attractions and which are all, without Doubt pleasant. You pristine Beaches, unusual wildlife parks and Sanctuaries, Fun-filled Water-leisure Park, zoo, architectural Beauty, Rustic Villages, Monuments of Science, Art and Culture, festivals, all the major Attractions of this magnificent place, a person, to see and experience Malaysia, Singapore Travel Package. A person can even customize the Package according to the Needs and visit all the Places and to discover all its main Objectives, for a full turn towards the South-west of Asia.

in addition to these, You can decide on a specific Destination, as well as by Their Comfort and enjoy the Tour of all the tourist Sites of the Region. In Fact, Visiting these beautiful places or Holiday Destinations to give to the person, the Memories, it can bring Joy for ever and ever.

below are some of the most sought after and also to visit the Destinations of Malaysia and Singapore.

the Major tourist Attractions of Singapore
o Bukit Timah National Park
o Jurong Bird Park
o Sentosa – underwater World
o Singapore Zoological Gardens
o-Mosque of Sultan
o Singapore Zoological Gardens
o Changi Chapel and Museum

Malaysia’s Top Sites
* Malacca,
* Georgetown
* Cameron Highlands
* Kelantan
* Penang
* Perlis
* Sarawak
* Beach

these are just a few of the wonderful Sites of Malaysia and Singapore. In addition, all these beautiful Destinations and Places of tourist Interest, it can also be a lot of Fun to do Shopping in the lively Markets, and interesting Shopping malls, the Fun, the Nightlife, the Festivals, the Night safari, etc, Without any Doubt, the Visit to all these tourist Places in South-east Asia presents some unforgettable Moments, like a Treasure, for ever and ever.

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replace the Man with a Bike, but the old Spirit is still there. A tour in the hutong in such a Kind of system of Transportation of a good experience… a Feeling that You are Travelling back in the old days… a Pity that I have not had the Time to enjoy a Walk… The Country is rapidly developing, but the tradition remains. It is the Chinese.

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tagsreplace the Man with a Bike, but the old Spirit is still there. A tour in the hutong in such a Kind of system of Transportation of a good experience… a Feeling that You are Travelling back in the old days… a Pity that I have not had the Time to enjoy a Walk… The Country is rapidly developing, but the tradition remains. It is the Chinese.

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