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There are quite a few places that immediately crop up on our minds, when we think of a great holiday anywhere in the world. If there is one country that has been quite a destination for tourists from almost everywhere around the globe for the last few decades now, it is surely the island nation of Malaysia. Dotted with numerous islands, this South East Asian gem on the South China sea is a major player in the tourism industry and its economy, too, is highly dependent on it.

And probably the best way to enjoy your holiday is checking into a resort in Malaysia.And, of course, there is no dearth of it here. From five-star super luxurious properties to the Malay styled budget-resorts, there something for everyone in Malaysia. All you need to do is search up the best deal that suits your pocket and style of holidaying, for, trust, there are a lot to do when holidaying in Malaysia.

While the island resort Malaysiagives you the luxury of sitting on the beach from shades or the Malay styled chalets and spend some quite time, there are many other options as well. The resort itself will throw up a host of choices such as swimming pools, spas, gyms, multiple indoor and outdoor games. For those wanting to make a splash in the blue water of the sea, you can go for some diving or Snorkelling to experience the great under water life. Other busier activities like water sports are always year option.

Aresort in Malaysia usually have beach facing rooms and villas, where you can just for entire days looking at the sea and listening to your favourite. After all, not all holidays mean going out and sweating it out under the sun. Sometimes the tired body needs a little rest, or even pampering, to get rejuvenated again before returning to the grind of daily work life. And if you are there during monsoon, there can’t be a better sight than a downpour on the sea.

The island resort Malaysia offers is specially suited for those on honeymoon. With a luxurious and world-class standard of hospitality at your disposal there are hardly any rooms that this special vacation can go wrong in any way. While the idea of a romantic evening may be sipping some champagne and watching the sun set over the pool, enjoying a bon fire over some great BBQ shrimp and steaks or soaking in the silence of the moist forest while camping on a one-off jungle trek can just heighten that sense of romanticism all together. And all these come naturally while holidaying in Malaysia.

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We were both huddled around a tiny electric fire. Outside, the sky was the same turbulent mixture of greys that it had been since a short interval of unconvincing sunshine, had enabled us and offered false promises through the bedroom blinds. More rain blew almost horizontally across the sea and our view deteriorated as the window pane became laced with wet streaks outside and misted over on the inside. Yesterday what is being repeated and yesterday had been pretty much a copy of the day before. That had been the day we had arrived.

Weather like this what not what we had expected in June in Menorca. We were totally unprepared for it. No raincoat, no sweaters and nothing warmer than very light jackets had been included in the packing for our one week holiday. We hadn’t bothered to hire a car, because of Son Bou, the resort at which we good location, has the longest beach on the island. Our plan had been to spend every day enjoying the three miles of golden sand, sunbathing, swimming and taking a few beach walks.

Normally, June in Menorca is fairly typical of the Mediterranean climate, with 24 degrees Celsius being the average maximum and 16 being the average minimum. Throughout the year, the island averages 300 days of sunshine, so considering that the other ” 65 days are most likely to be during the winter months, the odds were clearly stacked in our favour from the high quality. However, Menorca does experience more changeable weather than the other Balearic islands and it is the coolest and wettest island of the group. Menorca is also subjected to no less than eight prevailing winds, causing it to be referred to locally as “The Windy Island”.

Son Bou is a purpose-built holiday resort on the west coast of Menorca. It is situated less than thirty minutes drive from the island’s international airport at Mahon. It is a very pretty, marion resort with many luxury villas and apartments. Our one bedroom apartment was not amongst the most luxurious but it was extremely well furnished and this property makes for all our needs – except the sunshine, that is!

The resort of Son Bou could do with more restaurants but those that it has provided us with reasonably good meals at a price that was slightly above typical Spanish prices. Our walks to the restaurant every evening were usually accompanied by another short interval of dry weather with a watery sun poking through the clouds and creating patches of blue. Each time this happened we fell for the trick all over again. “It’s clearing up for tomorrow” is what we would say to each other; but it wasn’t and our seven day holiday remained constant unsettled to the end.

We did manage to grab the odd hour between showers to bravely try out the beach. It lived up to our expectations of being one of the most beautiful in the Balearic islands. Its sand is golden for most of the three kilometres, but there are several spots where the colour becomes almost a tropical white. We would have loved to have enjoyed it in the normal summer climate but it wasn’t to be. Each time our clothes came off, the clouds came back. On one occasion, we sat huddled under our beach parasol, using it as a rain umbrella and refusing to dress again in a fruitless act of defiance that left us both shivering.

As we waited at our apartment for the taxi to take us back to the airport, we reflected on the week. Weather-wise we might as well have spent the time at home in England. But despite the disappointment of a washed-out service, a holiday, we had seen enough of Son Bou to know that under normal circumstances, this beautiful part of Menorca is a holiday destination worth visiting. It is also one of the nearest to the U.K. with cheap flights taking only two hours to get there and being available from every U.K. airport.

As the taxi pulled up we stepped out into the pouring rain which was being blasted by a swirling wind that, no matter, I to blow from every direction at once. We had regretted not demand, as the purpose of on reflection, driving around Menorca in these conditions would not have increased our enjoyment of this Mediterranean holiday destination.

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