Fantastic Philadelphia: Educational Travel Has Never Been So Fun

Often regarded as the Birthplace of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, Philadelphia Yields not only cobblestone Streets and historical Sites, but also of Culture, Art and Ethno-Treasures as well. The fifth largest City in the Country, Philadelphia is Home to one of the largest Concentrations of american History, and an excellent Place for Travellers and student.

Students and Groups often start Your Visit to Philadelphia and Independence National Historic Park, Home of the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. As America’s “most historic square mile” the Students never to forget the chance to see the Liberty Bell is located in Liberty Bell Center. Visitors can see a video Presentation and various Exhibits about the Bell, about Their Origin and Their current Role as an international Symbol of Freedom. The Liberty Bell itself is displayed in a magnificent Glass Chamber with Independence Hall in the background.

is in the same Region, the assembly Workshop, where was George Washington the Commander-in-chief and Chief of the Continental Army in 1775, and the design of the american Flag, it has been agreed to, in 1777. The Building, inside and outside, has been restored, as much as possible to its original late 18th Century Appearance. For the Visitors to see the original “rising sun” Chair that George Washington, of which he was the president of the Constituent Assembly.

If Your Itinerary allows you to discover the Independence National Historical Park ‘ s other sites. Spanning over 55 Acres on 20 city Blocks in the historic District of the City of Philadelphia, the park preserves and interprets many in our Country, the main Resources within the Framework of the Creation of the United States of America. These Pages are the First and the Second Banks of the United States, Congress Hall and Old City Hall. In addition, the park tells the Story of Philadelphia’s most famous Citizens, Benjamin Franklin, Franklin Court, where Franklin’s House once stood.

american Holiday Heroes and the ideals of Freedom, National Liberty Museum, located Near Independence Hall, the Price of 1, 000 Men, Women and Youth, of all Ethnicities who dared to step out of Your Comfort Zones to help make the World a better Place and Government of the World, the first Response who have lost their Lives on Sept. 11, 2001. Exhibitions explore Themes of Peace with Exhibits that demonstrate simple, practical Ways to resolve Conflicts peacefully, as well as an Exhibition that explores the Concept of Freedom through the 300 Years of Immigrants ‘ Experience. The museum also presents a Collection of more than 100 World-famous Works of visual Arts that illustrate the Fragility of Liberty through contemporary Art.

Believed to Philadelphia, and a patriot, who is the first american flag, Tours of the Betsy Ross House shows how working-class People once lived in the Colonial area of Philadelphia. The House was like Home For Generations for a Shoemaker, a Merchant, and a Pharmacist (Pharmacist).

A Place of four Centuries of Faith and Life, and the Church was once the Place of Worship for the pleasure of George Washington, Betsy Ross, and Benjamin Franklin. Guided Tours of the Tomb, three blocks away, You will have a fascinating Look at the History. Here, Franklin and other famous Revolutionary War Guide buried.
Follow in the Footsteps of Benjamin Franklin and see the “Ghost House”, a Representation of Franklin House. The “ghost Structure,” describes the Place where Franklin’s House once stood. Underground is a museum with Exhibits, interactive Exhibits, a short film. Visitors also get a true Work of colonial era, the Printing press and the B. Free Franklin Post Office, the first founded in the UNITED states of Franklin.

The inspiration of Valley Forge National Historical Park reminds us more of the Victim and the Endurance of the Revolutionary War generation; it honors the Ability of Citizens and Their leaders to pull out and overcome Adversity during extraordinary Times. This historic site, where General George Washington and his Troops survived the famed Camp of 1777-78.

On the Battleship New Jersey Memorial & Museum Visitors, tour of the Navy successful of the War and View simulated operations in five deck Levels. The New Jersey was built in Philadelphia and launched just a Year after Pearl Harbor Attack. Along the tour, student Groups see a few of his updates, including the installation of Tomahawk and Harpoon Missiles, the Launchers and the Phalanx Defense system – a system of Gun, which allowed to Fire from 3,000 Revolutions per minute.

The place of Birth of America, provides Students with unforgettable Visits, Educational Travel Experiences. The Area of many Possibilities and Opportunities for historical Exploration and discovery.

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