Five Things To Do On Holiday In Kyrenia

Located on the north coast of the beautiful place in Cyprus, is in the amazing town of Kyrenia. This country is so much known for the exquisite history which it holds proudly having the very unique and spectacular remains and ruins of the innumerable civilizations.

In fact, the long natural beaches, and mild and hot climates and calm seas just add a feather to its typical Mediterranean. Bounded northwards with a clear blue sea and southwards by lush green Besparmak Mountain Range, the country offers the most spectacular of the views to be held by your eye. Kyrenia has some of the self catering holidays in Cyprus.

There are quite a lot of places that can be visited and many amazing activities that can be undertaken here, but some of them remain just the exclusive and the most favored ones.

For instance, the ancient castle whose origins is not known but is believed to have been built by the great Byzantine of the seventh century is one place that should not be missed.

Having a rich history behind it, this Kyrenia Castle lies just next to the harbor and was once also used as a prison by the British for holding the prisoners. There are some good value holiday villas in Kyrenia that can be rented by tourists in this region.

Another great attraction of the place is the Shipwreck Museum that lies within the Kyrenia Castle. Though This is a small museum, but it houses a great wreck of an old wooden merchant ship well preserved.

This ship is believed to be as old as 306 BC and was found in the year of 1967 off Kyrenia coast. The cargo of this ship, clay jugs (amphorae) which is filled with almonds and olives is relatively said to be intact still.

When you stroll around the place, you can not help but indulge in the great penchant for shopping. As the very experience of exploring the Kyrenian markets is as fairies as the place itself, you will find yourself getting involved in the flavor of the place itself.

The cobbled narrow alleys of the place and the local markets provide with a sense of aesthetics. In fact, the center can be stopped by at to have a cup of coffee while you bask in the glory of the beauty of Kyrenia. Many holiday makers choose to rent self catering apartments in Kyrenia and use them as a base to experience the local culture.

The fairy tale castle of St. Hilarion is a tourist spot that is loved specifically by children, though it is an exciting place for adults as well. This castle is the one that is well rumored to the one that played a great part in inspiring Walt Disney’s fairy tale story, “The Sleeping Beauty”. This castle was built while the crusades were going on.

Last but not the least, the Bellapais Village is one enchanting location that is a must visit. This exquisite village overlooks the town and provides an exquisite view.

The ancient abbey of it offers a very peaceful about for fairies hill walking experience. This abbey is really legendary and is set amidst the great mountains, providing with a very exotic feel to the very journey. As the place is calm with fresh air and lush green surroundings, you will feel at the very lap of nature.

It is now so easy to see why Kyrenia has become such a popular holiday destination in Cyprus. Holiday makers are drawn here by the good weather, great food and superb selection of holiday villas and self catering holiday apartments in Kyrenia that can be rented as holiday homes in Cyprus.

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Macedonia is a historical and geographical region in Greece situated in the south-eastern part of Europe. It is the second most populated and largest region in Greece and it is informally known as Northern Greece together with Thrace and Thessaly.

There are two types of climate zones in the region, including Alpine in the mountain areas and Mediterranean or Temperate kinds in Central and East areas.

Macedonia is an area of Greece popular with tourists who like to stay in holiday rentals. There is a great selection of holiday villas and self catering holiday apartments in Macedonia that can be rented as self catering holiday accommodation.

Traveling around is the best thing to do in Macedonia. Thessaloniki is am important Greek city and serves as a major industrial, cultural and economic center. Katerinin is also one of the must visit places of Macedonia. It is the capital of Prefecture of Pieria and stands on the plains in between Pieria Mountains and Mount Olympus.

The second best thing to do in Macedonia is visiting its historical sites. If you are interested in historical architectures and sites, then there are many medieval monuments in Thesssaloniki for you to see.

These monuments are evidence of the great prosperity and former splendor of the city in ancient times. It is a port city and the second largest one in Greece. It is one of the most ancient cities in Europe and most of the Agora ruins date back to the Roman period.

The third attractive thing to do in Macedonia is enjoying the beaches of Makriyalos, Methoni, Plaka Litochorou, Olympiaki Akti and Platamonas.

Holidays in these beaches are quite popular among the water sports and beach fans who want a village life in a relaxed atmosphere. Apart from that, these beaches also provide tavernas and other nightlife for those who are interested in their living life with fun.

The beaches are unspoilt stretches of fine shingle and soft sand with shallow deep blue water, good for swimming and children. There are also side beach restaurants and bars, and they also offer plenty of water sports activities.

These beaches are attractive for relaxing, sunbathing, eating well and finding entertainment around the quayside and harbour. You can rent holiday villas and self catering holiday apartments next to the beach.

Going on a visit to the Litochoro is the fourth thing to do. It is a pretty village serving as the starting point of Mount Olympus which is the highest Greek mountain. It has schools, a post office, banks, sports centre, harbor, town hall, hospital, museum, concert hall, squares and shopping facilities, all of which are enjoyable for the visitors.

Agios Nickolaos and Agios Dimitrios are the two major churches in Litochoro and Hogios Athanasios is the most traditional cemetery in Greece. Visiting the historical town of Kozani is also a must for the visitors.

It is located on the crossroads of Epirus, Western Macedonia, central Macedonia and Thessaly and is most famous for its library that houses innumerable previous and rare manuscripts and written documents. Siatista is situated to the west of Kozani which is a medieval town having interesting Byzantine cathedrals and some huge traditional buildings.

The fifth thing to do is to see the two lakes, Mikri and Megali which form borders between Albania, Yugoslavia and Greece. It has an amazing landscape and there is an ancient Byzantine Church on the Aghios Achielleios, which is a small islet. Ancient Macedonia settlement remains have also been found in the nearby area.

Andrew Gibson is MD of Direct Holiday Bookings. It has holiday villas to rent in Macedonia. Macedonia has a great selection of holiday apartments that can be booked as holiday homes online with Direct Holiday Bookings.

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