Gold Secrets Guide – Luke Brown’s Guide – A Comprehensive Review

Gold Secrets Guide is one of the best known WoW gold guides. Though there are some good reviews out there, I couldn ‘ t find one that outlines the hub itself. I decided to get the guide, study the material, give an overview of what’s covered, and then give my opinion of its contents. With that purpose in mind I purchased Gold Secrets by Luke Brown and proceeded to take a closer look at the guide, manuals, and charts.

The guide consists of 6 gold guides manuals:

– Gold-secrets Primary Guide

The Auctioneer’s Resource

Fishing Facts Manual

The Profit Chart

Twinkling of profit

Newsletter with more bonuses

All in all it’s a robust package with a hefty amount of material to consider. There are class or faction specific methods so it will take you a while to get through it. It definitely lot but it’s nice to know that it’s there ” when you finally need it.

Here’s a brief description of each guide and manual:

Gold secrets At 343 pages this is the heart of the package. It ‘ s quite the comprehensive guide and has a substantial amount of methods. It is organized in the order of each game release; World of Warcraft> Burning Crusade – > Lich King. There are several chapters on Daily Quests that add quite a bit of value. As of this writing the chapter count is at 211, but each chapter provides several ways of making gold within each of these tasks. For instance, the Fiery Enchant/Quest Rewards chapter not only shows you what to do, but also provides multiple ways of getting the pearls as well as how to profit off the extra pearls if you decide to get them. It ‘ s actually 2 ways of earning gold in one chapter. Most of the chapters are like this, it certainly adds value. My only grievance is that it should have come with a ‘new WoW gamers’ section instead of having to fumble around for the beginners methods.

The Profit Chart This chart basically tells you where to find mobs and what they drop. This addition will really help to save time. I really like the fact that it shows the level range you need to get it done. Something similar should have been included in the main Gold Secrets guide.

The Auctioneer s Resource Very much a necessary skill if you plan on making a lot of gold. It’s the old ‘buy low sell high’ principle in the Auction House. There are some key indicators that make an item valuable at any given time, and it’s detailed here. It’s a good addition but frankly I’ve seen better auction guides out there.

Fishing Facts Manual – Now this is what you call a fishing guide. This is comprehensive stuff. It provides an explanation of what special number number of skill points you need above your base skill points to really make things happen with fishing, this is important and a time-saver. It provides great lists and tables with a lot of important information that will drastically cut your learning curve. It’s split by faction; Horde & Alliance. In my opinion the best organized and detailed manual in the package.

Twinken profits – Nice little guide, only 6 pages objective covers pretty much what you need to know to profit from twinks. It explains how the market works for twinks and then gives a great list of the most wanted twink items. Short but sweet. Full of very valuable info.

All in all this is quite a nice package of gold making material. I hope this enlightens you a bit on what Luke Brown’s Gold Secrets Guide is all about. As I said, my primary gripe is with the Gold Secrets of the hand-manual, although very comprehensive and full of valuable information, I would have preferred that it was better organized, more along the fashion of the Fishing Manual.

There are other quality gold guides out there, Valkor’s Gold Guide and WoW Tycoon come immediately to mind and are worthy of your research. However, Luke Brown’s Gold Secrets is definitely a quality guide and I do recommend it. As with anything, make sure you do your own independent research.

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