Jaipur Hotel: Rendez-vous In the Historical district of Jaipur with cheap Holiday Packages

Welcome to Jaipur, Capital of rajasthan. And royal royal City, Over the Years, has been decorated with a Number of Titles, including the “desert Capital” (it shines like an Oasis amidst the sandy Sites of Rajasthan), “the pink City” (for almost all of its Structures are tinged in pink), and “heritage of the city” (the Treasure of the Heritage of Monuments, Castles). Picturesque landscape, short on big Buildings, gigantic Monuments, open Acres beautiful Country is dotted with Lakes and luxury hotels in Jaipur make the City a Dream destination for a Vacation.

Some must-Visit in Jaipur are:

I. city palace: the City Palace, a magnificent Palace of replicate Mogul and Rajasthan, the Architecture, the majestic, charming and seductive-Palace, both historical and cultural Heritage Value. It also hosts art Galleries and Museums, where You can enjoy Your Eyes on the Costumes worn by the ancient Maharajas.

II Hawa Mahal: Under the Jaipur Holiday, day of packages, You must also visit the Hawa Mahal (Palace of Winds”). It is an Emblematic Monument of the City, extremely huge and filled with Monkeys.

III, the Amber Fort: Jaipur is famous for its Castles and perhaps the most famous of Them is the Amber Fort and Palace. The Size of the Structure, You go ‘wow’, but You can double Your Pleasure with the Discovery of the Gardens and boarding Elephants for a thrilling Ride.

IV Nahargarh Fort: Nahargarh Fort is another popular Tourist destination, situated on the Aravali Hills. The Fortress was one of the Places of Shooting of the hit Aamir Khan film ‘Rang De Basanti’.

V. Miscellaneous: other Sites of interest, You must visit the observatory Jantar Mantar, jal mahal Fort and Galta Monkey Temple.

Jaipur, with its historical Fame aside, it is also Rich in tradition and Culture. In Addition, Food, restaurants, travel Guides, and Jaipur hotel are beautiful and satisfactory. So, Head to Jaipur and You will never go back!

tour of Gangtok: Gangtok is just another great Place, can You refreshing and exciting. It is a Hill station in the State of Sikkim in India, and is best known for its exceptional Views of the Kanchenjunga, very haunting of the Campaign and some Holy tibetan Monasteries. Among the Holiday packages, You can also enjoy Sports & tourism and spend Your Nights in the best hotels in Gangtok.

Gangtok can be reached by rail, by Road or by Air. The Season, between October and March, are considered the best Time to organise a Gangtok Road. The Waterfalls, the Mountains and a peaceful Atmosphere, You will immediately be recalled to the Switzerland. Though Gangtok has infinite Number of visits to Regional tourist, some of the should Visit the Rumtek Monastery, Tsongo Lake, Deer Park, Nathula or Silk route and the royal Chapel, Tsuklakhang.

book hotels in Gangtok, You may want to consider the Purchase of travel Packages. So, You go to Gangtok for a relaxing holiday.

To get the best out of Your Trip and your Stay in the best hotels in Jaipur and hotels in Gangtok, the minimum Price, You are advised to guide You through the seduction of the Holiday packages offered by Hungry Pocket, the Dream of tourism in the Country!

The golden Triangle – Delhi, Agra and Rajasthan 4 Days and 5 Nights
The golden Triangle of Delhi, Agra and Rajasthan is a perfect Destination for a shortvacation of 4-5 Days. From Delhi, You see, of the Cultures and historical Cities of Delhi, Agra and Rajasthan. The Reason why this area is known as the golden Triangle is that, if You see it on the Map, these three points form a Triangle of Gold because of its Importance and Popularity among the Tourists, especially foreign Tourists.
* from new Delhi the Day 1-2)
Delhi is the Capital of the Country is of great Importance, but it is also important, because the mixed Cultures, to live together, in the Old city of Delhi and the great Architecture of the most important Government buildings. The historical Monuments of the city and the Building, built in the days of the Moguls and the british, the Colonizers are huge Example of the great Architecture. Other Places, such as Rajghat and India Gate are also Places of national Importance, a must Visit for all who comes to Delhi.
Lanes of ChandniChowk with the aroma of traditional Punjabi-Kitchen areirresistible and how can we go without Purchasing Kinari Bazaar.
* Destination of Agra ( Day 3)
Delhi’s Yamuna Express Highway makes Your Journey smooth to Agra, the City, the Witness of the Love of the Emperor shah jahan and his Wife MumtajMahal. The amazing breathtaking and takingTajMahal has been in the Memory of MumtajMahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. White Marble, it radiates like the Moon to the full Moon of the Night. Agra is famous for its Leather-Work and Products, You can take as souvenirs for Family and Friends. Here, You train, You will begin your Journey into the land of royals, Rajasthan.
* the Rajasthan, The land of Royals ( Day 4)
On the Road from Agra to Jaipur, Capital of Rajasthan, You will see FatehpurSikri which is of great historical Importance. The Rajasthan is a colorful State with sand Dunes, forts and Palaces. Jaipur is also known as the “pink city”, and as its name indicates, the Walls of the old city of Jaipur in pink to color it. Amber Fort, jal mahal, Nahargarh and the famous palace of the city, where the royal Family of Jaipur is still being held.
Here’s a Tip, for 4 Days and 5 Nights of Vacation to the exotic and royal Travel to the Golden Triangle.

Tours Agency of India Taj-Day Tour offers – Rajasthan-Tour and Leisure-Delhi, Agra, Rajasthan and at an affordable Cost, and maintain all the Needs of Your Priority.

The britain and the Holidays on the edge of the Sea
Before the Days of the cheap Flight Package travel Abroad, we stayed at the House and went to the Sea.
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tagsBefore the Days of the cheap Flight Package travel Abroad, we stayed at Home and went to Sea.

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