Macedonia Welcomes All Couples In Honeymoon

Macedonia is an exotic, not-Ribs-to-Earth, separated by neighbouring Countries, such as Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, etc, Its History tells that it was the Territory of the legendary King Alexander the Great in the Past. Skopje, the Capital of Macedonia, was rebuilt after a terrible Earthquake in 1963. This is the superb region, enriched with the Delights of natural, high-end Kitchen and beautiful historical Buildings.

A beautiful Turquoise stream, which crosses the City of Skopje. It houses Sports Hubs, archaeological Sites, a wonderful setting and many cultural Attractions. A lot of deep, dark Caves inhabit the monstrous Gorge of the River Treska.

Best time:

The Weather is dry and humid during the long Summer Considering that the frosty Winter, the cold and the snow, the Snow falls heavy and the Avalanche. The best time to Visit Macedonia is between May and September, especially in the showery Months of July and August.


The Country has two international Airports of the City of Skopje and Ohrid. You are Traveling by Air, by Sea or by Road as per Your Convenience. Some travel Agencies offer Their Services are – Ohrid Touring Agencies, Skopje, Dollars, Travel and Simonium Trip.


of Macedonia is known for its Delicacy. Some of the famous and delicious economic, and Dishes include Skara (Grilled Meat), Shopska salata (mixed Salad seasoned with Tomatoes, Ginger and chopped Sirenje – a milk product similar to cottage Cheese) and Winter Gjuvech (A renowned Balkan Recipe flavored with Vinegar, preserved Meat). Cognac is a rich and intoxicating brandy, which is also the National Drink of the republic of Macedonia.

Famous Places

Ohrid is recognized as UNESCO world Heritage. It is mainly a lakeside holiday hotel most regarded as a Diamond in macedonia and the Crown. Kumanovo is adorned with beautiful historical Buildings, Observatories and arrangements modern.

the Uterus is a Diminutive of the Company is located in the Outskirts of the city of Skopje. A beautiful Church in this Area are extremely divided, Rocks, dedicated to the virgin Mary. Krusevo is surrounded by Mountains, in a Valley. It is also called the “City-museum”. The City is famous for its Skiing Locations.

Lake Ohrid, the famous tourist site, This is an ancient Lake and the deepest Lake in Europe. The stately, refined Mountains that surround the Lake. Surrounded around him, the beautiful ancient Churches, the medieval Period.

So, if You want to, for the Pleasure of an extravagant Holiday in the peace of mind in the backdrop, beside the crystal clear Water of the Lake and the gloom of the historical Monuments, then Macedonia is the best Destination for the Honey moon!

After the stress of Planning Your Wedding, You deserve a few Days of Fun! Only You and Your Spouse in an exotic Location with a Calendar. If You are organizing Your honeymoon, we offer You the best honeymoon Ideas . Honeymoon marks the ‘happy ending’ of Marriage. For more on best honeymoon Ideas visit us please.


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