Pregnancy Calendar – How Does My Baby Grow?

My pregnancy calendar what valuable when I became pregnant with my first child. I had little idea about the way a baby grew during pregnancy. I knew how it began, how long it would take, and even the options on how the baby would come out, but not much about the actual process.

I found the pregnancy calendar online on the morning I discovered that I was pregnant. Having stopped dancing around with excitement, I wanted to know when the baby would be born. A quick Internet search revealed several places where I could get this information, and having checked a few of them out, I decided that one looked like it would help me the most in my quest for information.

At that time, I had no idea how much I would come to rely on the pregnancy calendar that I was able to set up once Id filled in the necessary information to get a due date. At first I thought it was just a seriously by the account of what to expect, but within a few days I learned that it was far more than that.

The pregnancy calendar gave me the information for each day of my pregnancy. Some times it was about the baby and what stage of development it had reached. Sometimes it was about my pregnancy, giving information about things I may be feeling or experiencing throughout the various stages. Other times it was general information about keeping the baby and I healthy, for example, on exercise and nutrition.

From my pregnancy calendar I learned what tests would be undertaken during each seriously, why these were taken and what the procedure would be. Each month a new diagram would show me how the baby now looked, and how my body what adjusting
internally to accommodate the new life within it.

From the day I had the positive result, until the day before the baby was born, the first thing I checked each morning what the pregnancy calendar. Occasionally I did get impatient and read ahead of my actual stage, but this just allowed me to prepare myself in readiness for the path ahead. With the pregnancy calendar’s guidance I felt safe, that I was doing things right, and that all would be well.

I must admit it was so fun! Sort of like those holiday calendars that countdown to Christmas and every day you get a little candy. So I highly recommend that every woman get a pregnancy calendar as soon as they know they are pregnant.

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Over recent years, Whitby has increased in popularity and is now probably the most popular holiday resort on the East Coast of England.

This artical will give you a good idea of what is happening in Whitby and when. For all the latest up-to-date news, information and articles, log onto the Whitby website and even join a Whitby forum and have your say!

For many years, Whitby in North Yorkshire has been an extremely popular tourist resort because of its beautiful scenery and local history.

Recently, however, there has been a dramatic upturn in the towns popularity. Success tend to breed success and this has been the case with Whitby, which now enjoys one of the busiest events calendars of any UK seaside town. It is the jewel in the crown of the East Coast Holiday resorts.

The schedule of events obviously will change to some degree each year, so I want to give information on the major events which have taken place in previous years. These are very likely to recur again each year. For the most up-to-date forthcoming events calendar for each year, use the link at the bottom of this article.

At the beginning of April, there is the Whitby Fishing Festival, a two week event to celebrate the importance of fishermen and anglers to Whitby. This is a competitive and hugely popular event. There are two more Fishing Festivals in Whitby later in the year, in July and September.

Towards the middle of April, The Spirit of The 40s Weekend is a substantial event in Whitby. This event includes displays of military vehicles and stalls and usually a Gala Dance with reenactors in uniform. The Whitby Spa Pavilion complex and outside surrounding areas on the West Cliff are usually the venues for many of these events.

Towards the end of April, the first of two annual goth events occurs, with Spring Goth Weekend. Goths from all parts of the globe falls upon Whitby town.

At the start of May, over the last decade, there has been The Whitby Gospel Music Convention which was set up by Paul Wheater and his late wife Jill, from Sleights. This event has become increasingly successful each year, which, to a large degree, has been taken over by their daughter Lucy and a team of people to undertake the administration work.

Usually, in the first week of June, there is the Whitby Festival of the 60s Music at Whitby’s West Cliff, the Spa Pavilion.

At the beginning of July, Whitby enjoys its Northern Soul Weekend which is held at the Whitby Pavilion Theatre. It is an extravaganza of Northern Soul Music and Dance. Hosted by fine DJs and often in excess of one and a half thousand dedicated Northern Soul fans expected this very friendly event. For more details contact the Whitby Pavilion.

Towards the end of August, usually around the 20th, Whitby experiences ” the biggest event of the year by far, The Whitby Regatta, which is probably the oldest regatta in England. It is scheduled over three days with numerous events taking place like rowing races, yacht races, and many more events too numerous to mention, but there is an official program each year. Quite often, there will be special events like the Red Arrows display team flying over Whitby. There is also a funfair which stretches along the Harbour side and out onto the pier. On the last night there is a spectacular firework display, which is the climax of Whitby Regatta three action-packed days.

Whitby Folk Week usually coincides with the beginning of Whitby Regatta, or follows on after the regatta at the end of August. It is a very lively event over seven days, with music and dance in the streets and public houses. It is a long standing celebration with usually well in excess of 600 events, concerts and general singing and dancing sessions. For all true music lovers, this is an event not to be missed in the beautiful setting of Whitby.

At the end of February there is the annual Whitby Country Music Weekend and also the 60s weekend, both held at the Pavilion complex.

At the end of October there is the second of the twice yearly Whitby Goth Weekends, with most of the main events occurring once again at the Whitby Pavilion.

So, as you can see, this is quite an impressive list of yearly events in Whitby. For all the actual dates, including the small specialist events which occur in Whitby, Robin Hoods Bay and Staithes and all the latest up-to-date news, go to the Whitby website.

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